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Ron has been servicing scooters for years and only uses the highest quality personal

application to put the lubricant where it is needed. People riding Ron's serviced

machines always feel the difference.

A typical service includes: oil change, oil filter change, spark plugs change, air

filter change or clean depending on model as well as checking: cable adjustments,

control positions and movements, brake pads, belt, variator rollers and clutch, valve

clearances on 4-strokes, tyre pressures… amongst other things. And all finished with

   a full nuts and bolts check.

Scooter Service from £40.00 per hour

The Scooter Service cost is subject to time taken, parts needed and extras (not over the phone).Please note that this is the cheapest way to benefit from what would otherwise be

   Ron's standard hourly rate for services rendered.

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The Vespa range of motorcycles features classic retro scooter styling. Since the

   brand launched in 1946, Vespa Scooters have become one of the world’s most recognisable

   icons, gaining popularity as part of the youth culture movements of the 1950s and

   60s, and reinventing themselves for the twenty-first century with modern interpretations

   of their classic bikes.


Piaggio were founded in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio, but did not enter the world of scooters

   until 1946, when the Vespa range was launched. Since then Piaggio have gone from

   strength to strength and are now the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer.

   Piaggio scooters offer great reliability and quality, with great acceleration and

   modern stylish design.

Address: 1 East Hill

Marcilly Road


SW18 2HT


Tel: 0208 877 3255

If you're not sure how much better your ride can get, we'll take a look at your scooter and tell you what you're missing. From servicing to mot, we know how to improve your

   scooter’s performance.

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